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Promote Your Blog On These 30 Places

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Promote Your Blog On These 30 Places

Have you been looking for the best-proven places where you can promote your blog posts? Do you have concerns which places are good to promote your blog posts and which one are not? Are you tired of promoting your blog content in places that are not giving you desired results?

Relax, we’ve all been there. Every problem has a solution, and every solution brings another problem. But, I’m not here to talk about problems. In this article, I will talk about solutions for your blog promotion problems. There are more than 3.5 billion of internet users today, so don’t worry, your content can be and will be found if you share it on the right places, at the right time, to the right people. Simple as that. 🙂

Social Media channels are one of the best ways to promote your blog content, but you shouldn’t stop there. Besides Social Media, there are more available places on the web which can be a great marketing tool for your blog promotion.

I’m bringing you 30 proven places where you can promote your blog content and get great results.

Facebook Groups

Do the research first. Try to find the groups that are most relevant to your blog topic. Forget about groups that have words such as “blog”, “bloggers”, “blogging” and similar in their name. One thing I noticed in this type of Facebook groups is that more than 90% of members of those groups are there to promote their content, not to read yours. Don’t waste your time by sharing your content there.

Before you start promoting your blog content in Facebook Groups, try to engage with the group members first. See how they interact with each other and try to participate in group discussions. After you gain some credibility in a group by answering the questions, start sharing your content.

LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn groups can be a great place to share your posts if your blog content is business related. Find relevant groups, ask to join them, and once you’re approved do not hesitate to share your content there. You are not going to get massive traffic from this social media channel, but, you will be surprised by the quality of your blog visits from LinkedIn.

Xing Groups

Xing is a Social Media for business professionals in Germany. It has many similarities with LinkedIn. So, if your blog content is business related, Xing is a must! Join the groups that are relevant to your business and share your content there. Every group on Xing has its forums that are like subcategories of one business category. Don’t forget to select the relevant forums each time you share your content in Xing groups.

Google Plus Groups

Sharing your content in the Google Plus groups can be a trigger for your website traffic, but, it can also be a waste of your time. Take your time to do a research in Google Plus community. Once you find groups that are relevant to your blog content you will have to find out which one of them have an active community. You will notice that most of the groups there are counting a huge number of members, but most of them are inactive. So, be patient, take your time to do a research, find active groups, participate in the group discussions and share your content.


Did you know that the lifetime of a shared tweet is approximately 17 minutes? What is this fact telling you? Share your content on Twitter multiple times, in different ways and using different hashtags. Use pictures and gifs combined with your post link to reach more people. In case you’re mentioning someone in your blog post, find them on Twitter and mention them in a tweet as well. It can make a huge difference.

Pinterest boards and group boards

Pinterest is the greatest place to share your blog content using infographics. Create an infographic for each of your blog posts and pin it to the multiple boards related to your blog topic. Try to collaborate with other Pinterest users with the same interests and pin your content on group boards.

Multiple subreddits on Reddit

Subreddits on Reddit are similar to Facebook Groups. Every subreddit has its own rules, and in some of them, you are not allowed to submit link posts. Before you start promoting your content on Reddit, try to find subreddits that are related to your blog topic and subscribe to them. Read the community rules, try to engage with the members first, vote for the existing posts and comment on them, and after that, you are ready to share your content. If they find your content highly valuable, they will upvote it and you will get more traffic from the front page of the internet. Don’t over promote your content on Reddit. Find and subscribe only to subreddits that are perfectly relevant to your blog content. Once you submit a post on Reddit, it will stay there for a long time.


Promote your content on the website of the most awesome images on the internet. If your blog content has a great and original visual part (images or gifs), do not hesitate to share your blog images or gifs on Imgur and add your post link at the end of your shared post. You can also share your Imgur posts to the subreddits on Reddit that are related to Imgur. Give it a try!


Although Instagram doesn’t allow you to submit link posts, it can still be a great place to share your content using images. Create your own image for each of your blog post and share it on Instagram. Each time you share your images on Instagram try to find the perfect hashtags that are related to your blog post. You can use up to 30 hashtags for each of your posts. You’re not going to receive a massive traffic from this Social Media channel, but it will make a huge impact on your brand awareness.

VK Groups

Vkontakte is actually Facebook in Russia. Try to find the groups that are related to your blog content and share your posts there. You are not going to be able to share your content in each group you find on this Social Media channel, but, around 50% of VK groups will let you share your posts there.


On Tumblr, you can post anything from anywhere. Share your post, give it a title and add relevant tags. Try to find other Tumblr users with the similar interests and collaborate with them.


Submit your blog post on StumbleUpon using the Add Page button. Add your post link, check the “safe for work box”, tell what the page is about (add one interest) and add relevant tags. After you submit your post to StumbleUpon you will get a traffic in waves. Watch the magic happens.

Multiple hives on BeBee

BeBee is social media network for professionals. If your blog topic is business related, this network can be a great place to share your content. Everything on this Social Media channel is bee related. Share your buzz (link) to the multiple hives (groups) that are relevant to your blog topic and the more bees find your post relevant, the more traffic you get to your website


Medium is a great place to republish your blog posts. Submit your existing blog post as a story on Medium, add up to 5 relevant tags and add more external links that are pointing to your website in your Medium story. The more people see your story on Medium, the more traffic your website will get.


Bizz Sugar is an online directory which allows you to submit one link on every 24 hours. Find a category that is relevant to your website content and share your post on BizSugar. This is a great place to share posts that are business related.

Bored Panda

If your blog content is related to art, photography, animals, travel, and more, do not hesitate to share your story on Bored Panda. You can even share just a part of your story, and add a link to your website at the end of the post. Anyone can write for the magazine for bored pandas and it can be a great place to republish your blog posts and get more traffic to your website.

Viral Content Buzz

Viral Content Buzz is an amazing place to get more social media shares (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and StumbleUpon) and it’s free to use. To be able to share your blog posts there, you will have to gain points. You are gaining points by sharing other user’s content and they are doing the same with yours. Submit a post, add points to it, pick up to three categories and watch the greatness happen. A win-win situation as simple as that! PS: Don’t forget to add up to two hashtags to your post titles to increase the reach of your shared content.


Triberr is a home of influencer marketers. If your blog content is marketing related, this is a perfect place to share your posts. Try to collaborate with other users on this platform, join the tribes and share your awesome content.


Submit your posts to Diigo, add some tags and share it to the Diigo groups that are relevant to your content.

Growth Hackers

Another great place to republish your blog posts to the huge number of people with similar interests. If your content is related to marketing, blogging, social media, design, SEO, and similar, this place is a must! Submit a link, add a short description and up to three tags, and once your post is approved anyone will be able to read it or share it. You can also add your Social Media profiles in your bio on this website.

You will have to open an Evernote account first to be able to promote your blog on Once you have your account created, create a free blog on and name it as your original blog. Connect your Evernote account to your blog and every time you make a note with Evernote (in this case it will be a note about your published blog post) it will appear on you blog. Each time you clip a blog post you should add “published” tag to your note. You can add more tags to your note as well, but “published” is required.

Digg It

Digg is another great place to share your blog content. Submit your post link to Digg (Digg it) and that’s pretty much everything you have to do to promote your content there.

Scoop It

Scoop It is another web directory where you can share your blog content. Create a scoop for your blog content, name it as your blog topic and share your posts there as well.

All Top

All Top is a web directory where you can share your website posts via your Blog RSS Feed. Submit your blog feed to this website, and once you are approved you will start getting traffic to your site from this referral.

Evan Carmichael

If your blog content is business related this place is a must! It has a community of over 750 000 entrepreneurs that will undoubtedly appreciate your insights and want to learn more about your services. You will have to send an approval submission to become an expert author on Evan Carmichael, and once you are approved you will be able to republish your existing content. It will have benefits on your site SEO as well. Trust me, don’t skip this one if you write about business.


You can use Quora to promote your blog posts by asking the questions. Find a question where you can give an expert answer and do it! If you have a blog post that is related to the topic discussion, add a link in your answer as well. Everyone will benefit.


Storify is another web directory where you can share your posts. You can combine your blog posts with everything that you can think about, including pictures, videos, gifs, tweets, Social Media posts and much more.

Google News

Submit your website to the Google News, and once you are approved you will start to getting referral traffic from this web directory.

E-mail Signature

Add your website link and logo in your e-mail signature. In that way, you will promote your blog every time you are sending an e-mail to someone.

Blog Commenting

Commenting on other authors blogs can be a great marketing tool to promote your content. Find blogs that are related to yours and leave an appropriate comment. If your website has a favicon, each time someone clicks on your picture it will bring them directly to your website.

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Do you have something to add? Please, feel free to leave it in a comment bellow. Thank you.

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  1. Excellent list of resources! As a startup guy I can fully see the value; content marketing is as important (and time consuming) as content creation – you shouldn’t create content unless you’re willing to put the time into getting people to see it and hopefully pass it on to their networks.

    Regarding some of the resources in your list though, some will require some warming up before you will get the sort of results you describe. For instance, Stumbleupon isn’t going to produce waves of traffic unless you have built up a following on the platform.

    Now – if I only **had the time** to actually follow up on this list and share my content to these resources on a regular basis, and do it well. Maybe a virtual assistant?

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